A Pathway for Social Change and Justice

 Radical Education Theory, also known as critical pedagogy, is a type of education that is related to political aspects. Radical education is known to impart the spirit of political participation in people. According to this theory, today's basic form of education is considered to be misleading and brings in a lot of differences among people.

Researchers, theorists, and scholars have different opinions about the theory. Both the teachers and students are involved to benefit by receiving the best knowledge.

Purpose of Radical Education Theory

Radical education proposes that today's citizens should not be taught what is right and what is wrong. Relevant knowledge should be imparted so that they become capable of identifying the right things.

Teachers should encourage the students to think out of the box and explore things outside the classroom environment. Through this, they will better understand the level of their learning and teaching.

Authority-based guidance for the students should be eliminated. The qualities of self-discipline should be encouraged so that students can get a participating spirit and good confidence.

Students are also a part of democracy and are granted equal rights. Therefore, they all have the right to implement their knowledge in real life. In this way, students will also understand how to apply the knowledge gained in real-life situations.

The teachers' main goal should be to provide the best knowledge and enhance the quality of education they provide to the students. Therefore, they should not focus on the results. They should keep working to increase student-teacher interactions, which in turn would improve the quality of education.


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