Feeding the 5,000

 Jesus went over the sea of Galilee; then a great multitude followed him because they wanted to see him perform miracles on those who were diseased.

And Jesus went up to the mountains, and there He sat with his disciples.

One of Jesus's disciples said to him, "Where shall we get some bread to feed all these people?"

Jesus responded, "You feed them."

One of Jesus's disciples, Andrew said to Him, "A lad has come forth with an offer of five barley loaves and two small fish but what is that to so many people?"

Jesus replied, "Hand them to me."

And he told His disciples to make the people sit down so they all sat down, about five thousand in total.

He gave thanks for the offering and God blessed it and multiplied it so that there was plenty to go around with some to spare.

Jesus took the five loaves and two fish. He gave thanks for what he had and handed them to his disciples who in turn distributed them among the five thousand. They all had as much as they wanted to eat.

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "Gather up all that is left over so that nothing is wasted."

Therefore they gathered up all of the barley loaves which were left over by the crowd.

There are some interesting points I wish to make here, they are:

1 Jesus said to His disciples, "You feed them."

If God told you, "I'm making it your responsibility to feed the poor children from your country," what would your response be?

Natural circumstances told them this was impossible. How are they going to feed so many people with five barley loaves and two small fish?

One person cannot change the world on their own; it takes organisation to get people on the same page to make things happen.

2. Jesus gave thanks for what he held in his hand.

Are you thankful for what you have or are you a chronic complainer?

People who give thanks for what they have always seem to have more than enough while those who are complainers are always in want. Why is this?

It seems to be because people who appreciate what they have are content with what they have while those complainers are always in lack because they are never satisfied with what they have and therefore never have enough.

When Jesus said, "Give them to Me," (The five loaves & two fish), it demonstrates how important to hand your life over to Jesus because he can do more with it than you can.


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