What Is on the CompTIA Security+ Exam?

 CompTIA Security+ is an internationally recognized certification. This document is proof of your baseline skills and that you can perform primary security functions to be part of the IT security industry. CompTIA Security+ is the first certification that you may want to go for to become an IT professional. If you pass this exam, you can get the essential knowledge and get a springboard to land intermediate security jobs in the world of cybersecurity. Let's find out more.

If you pass this exam, you will have a lot of skills under your belt. Given below is a description of some of the skills:

You will be able to identify several types of security compromises. Plus, you will know about the vulnerability scanning and penetration testing concepts

You will be able to install, deploy and configure network systems

You will be able to implement a safe and secure network architecture

You can perform the installation and configuration of access and identity services

You can implement the risk management practices

You can install and configure different types of wireless security settings

CompTIA Security+ is all about the best practices of today as far as risk mitigation and risk management are concerned. Plus, it helps you find out how you can identify and solve security vulnerabilities, attacks, and threats.

How Many Questions Are on this Exam?

CompTIA Security+ exam involves 90 questions. Once you have attempted the questions, you will be requested to attempt an optional survey regarding your study practices and the reasons you chose to get the certification. This survey has around 12 MCQs.

What Types of Questions will you Attempt?

This exam consists of performance based items, drag and drop items, and multiple-choice questions. The MCQs allows you to choose one or more options. On the other hand, performance-based items put your problem-solving ability to test in a simulated environment. You may want to manage your time properly when attempting the questions.

What Are the Exam Domains?

Given below is the description of topics and domains of this exam:

Vulnerabilities attacks and threats

Access and identity management

Tools and technologies

Risk management

Design and architecture

PKI and Cryptography


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